Traffic in East Orange County

6/16/2015 – Orange County has a 1.4 billion dollar deficit for road improvements

Fred Brummer was a Board of County Commissioner who is now on the Charter Review Commission. In this video he is talking about the state of Orange County when it comes to infrastructure and how there is a 1.4 billion dollar deficient for road improvements that are unfunded. He is right on target and we need to do something to raise that money to fix our roads. He thinks we are on the edge of cataclysm with our transportation situation.

He said a penny sales tax will generate between 330 – 380 million dollars a year. If the people could vote for a sales tax for 4 years it would bring in the money needed to fix the roads.

I am in agreement with him. We should ask this to be put on the ballot and allow the public to vote. I will be going to the next charter review commission meeting to support his idea.

Hear what he has to say.

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