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7/19/2015 – Lastest Text Amendment Draft Document

Below is a link to the latest draft of the Lake Pickett Text Amendment for your review.

7/14/2015 – Lake Pickett Draft Text Amendment.

Overall this amendment looks to me as though Orange County is working hard to ensure the residents who live around the Lake Pickett properties do not experience a lifestyle change.  Here are some key points I read while going through the amendment.

Key points:

  • This amendment is only for Lake Pickett and no other area in Orange County so it can be fine tuned just for these properties
  • The text amendment is written to protect the lifestyle of the residents who live next to this property through the use of Transect Zones.  Low density on the outside of the property and increasing towards the center and on Hwy 50.
  • The amendment is full of statements designed to protect the current residents.  Statements like this:
    • “the transition of development from surrounding rural neighborhood densities and preservation areas to more dense development clustered towards the center of the Lake Pickett Boundary”
    • “Compatibility is ensured on LP lands through the use of Transect Zones, conservation best management practices, neighborhood design principles, and interconnected open space systems, and streets with a strong pedestrian/bicycle orientation”
    • “Preserve the rural lifestyle and character of existing communities”
    • “Preserving Conservation Areas”
    • “Providing Open Space Areas for the preservation of green space and community character”
    • “Provide a transition between existing development, which is rural in character and located along the perimeter of the community, and more intense uses within the Lake Pickett Boundary”
    • “Transitional treatment of the edges of the Lake Pickett area, that is contextual, is critical for achieving compatibility with existing adjacent development
    • “Lands located along the perimeter within the Lake Pickett Boundary shall be of the same development intensity as adjacent lands outside Lake Pickett”
  • There are four “zones” called Transect Zones:
    • T1 – natural – no development
    • T2 – allows 2 units per acre – no commercial
    • T3 – allows 5 units per acre – no commercial
    • T4 – allows 12 units per acre – commercial allowed
  • T4 is only allowed in Lake Pickett South along Hwy 50.  Nowhere else.  No commercial or T4 in Lake Pickett North.
  • Buffers
    • “The buffer along Lake Pickett Road shall average 200 feet in width on each side, and in no case shall such buffer be less than 100 feet”
    • “The buffer along South Tanner Road shall be a minimum of 100 feet in width.”
      Note:  this was not in the last draft, it has been added since the last PNC meeting, I was concerned about the buffer along S. Tanner.
    • “All buffers within each community shall be dedicated as conservation easements or conservation tracts”
    • “a minimum of 300-foot buffer shall be provided along the County boundary line and designated as T1 Natural Transect Zone “
  • Requirements for all Lake Pickett Future Land Use Map (FLUM) Amendments requirements include submittal of the draft conceptual regulating plan, proposed development program, a justification statement, an OCPS Consistency Determination Application, a Transportation Study, and the proposed community meeting schedule must be met at the time of submittal. Depending on the circumstances of the LP application, additional information may be required for transportation, utilities, drainage or other pertinent data as determined by Planning Division staff.
  • The Lake Pickett Transportation Term Sheet and corresponding Transportation Network Agreements shall require a financially feasible, long-range transportation infrastructure funding framework and capital improvements program. The planned transportation improvements shall ensure the overall safe and efficient movement of vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists through an interconnected multimodal transportation network. Potential funding sources for projects may include the following:
    • Developer Contributions Road Impact Fees
    • Available State or Federal Highway or Transit Funds
    • Municipal Service Taxing Unit/Municipal Service Benefit Unit
    • Tax Increment Financing District
    • Community Development District
    • Others as approved by the Board of County Commissioners
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