Orange County Community Meeting

4/28/2015 – Community meeting synopsis

Here is a brief synopsis of the community meeting held on 4/28/2015 regarding the Lake Pickett Properties.
(Thanks to a resident who took these very copious notes).


“LP” designation will be used for Lake Pickett only.

The Orange County representative reviewed the development process severyone could understand how the process works.

The Transportation representative reported:

  • Lake Pickett Road to 419 and 419 North of Lake Pickett Road will remain 2-lanes.
  • Lake Pickett South and Lake Pickett North must have inter-connecting roads, trails, etc. – none of which are 4-lanes.
  • Developers to discuss helping to pay for improvements on SR 50 from Old Cheney (where current improvement stops) to 419.


  • The community will be an “Agrihood” named “GROW – A Farm and Garden Community.”
  • 1,216 acres; 337 acres of lakes and wetlands; 4,000 frontage feet on SR 50.
  • To consists of 2,256 housing units, no apartments, 237,000 SF of retail space.
  • Typical lot sizes will be 60’, 50’, 32’ and 25’ wide.
  • Currently there are 8,095 people living east of Lake Pickett South in Corner Lake and Cypress Lakes.
  • Currently there are 8,732 people living south of Lake Pickett South.
  • The density in Cypress Lakes is 4/1 acre.

Responses to Questions:

  • If approved, development would begin 9/2016.
  • No low-income housing.
  • Developer will provide 15 acres for an elementary school.
  • Developer will want to put in a K-8 charter school.
  • Gross density is 1.8/acre; net density is 2.5/acre.
  • Presentation is geared to prospective residents – “Why should we like this?”


  • The community will be named “SUSTANY – An Eco-Literate Community.”
  • It will be focused on:
    • 1 – Nature
      • 706 acre eco-park – this property does not belong to the current owner; the prior owner conveyed this property to the St. Johns Water Management District with the stipulation that the next owner will do the improvements to the park.
      • Viewing tower, outpost, education center, etc.
    • 2 – Wellness
      • Equestrian center on Lake Pickett Road near Sandhill Reserve area.
      • Trail head for existing equestrian trails.
      • Hiking trails in community and park.
      • Dedicated biking trails, fishing, walking trails, dog parks, etc.
    • 3 – Education
      • Donation of land for middle school.
      • Will have classes, etc. on the environment and ecology.
  • All single family homes – no apartments or retail/commercial.
  • 400’ wildlife corridor abutting the Seminole County line.
  • 1-acre lots on Lake Pickett Road and next to the Rural Settlement areas.
  • No new crossing of the Econlockhatchee River.
  • Road improvement will be paid with private funding – their own money – no bond issues, special taxing districts, etc.

Responses to Questions:

  • If approved, the development will start 9/2016.
  • No occupancy of any unit prior to road completions.
  • 1,435 acres with less than 2,000 homes.
  • Gross density is 1.3/1 acre; net density is 1.9/1 acre.


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