3/30/2015 – Meeting with Lee Kernek from UCF

Lee Kernek – Associate VP for Admin and Finance for UCF

Today I met with Lee Kernek from UCF.  She is the Associate Vice President for Administration and Finance for the University of Central Florida (UCF), where she has management responsibility for the following administrative units: Facilities Planning and Construction; Facilities Operations; Sustainability and Energy Management; Landscape and Natural Resources; Environmental Health and Safety; and Resource Management.

The meeting was to understand the red area on the eastern most side of UCF property and what was planned for this property.  My concern and the concern of homeowners who live close by is that if this is built out over the next five years, additional traffic will be added to the roadways that will further strain the infrastructure.

UCF 5 Year Master Plan Map

Ms. Kernek explained that this area was on the plan but there were currently no plans to build on it during the next 5 years and there is currently no funding available for structures on this property.  It is on the plan in case funding would become available and then due process would have to be followed.  In addition to this, the area is for Research building and is not slated for classrooms if and when anything will be built on the property.

Ms. Kernek also explained that there are plans to improve the McCulloch/Lockwood intersection by adding an additional turn lane so cars can turn eastbound onto McCulloch from Orion as well as 2 left turn lanes for cars going westbound on McCulloch.  This construction is slated to start very soon.  This will most certainly assist on game days as well as heavy traffic days during the evening rush hour.

The history of East Orange County as well as the Lake Pickett properties was discussed as well as what UCF can do to assist.  Unfortunately, over the last two Campus Master Plan (CMP) updates, the Florida Legislature has not provided funding to any state universities to address impacts to infrastructure generated by their growth.

UCF is well aware of the traffic issues and is ready and willing to be part of a solution.

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What is MetroPlan Orlando and what does this organization do?

MetroPlan Orlando is the metropolitan planning organization for Orange, Osceola and Seminole Counties. As a regional transportation planning organization, MetroPlan Orlando provides a forum for local elected officials and transportation experts to work together to improve mobility for residents, businesses and visitors.

MetroPlan Orlando is one of 27 transportation planning organizations in Florida that are charged with taking money given to them by the state which comes from Washington and determining where it will be spent.  Here is a link to more information on the FDOT website.

The make-up of the board, as designated by the Governor of Florida and by Interlocal Agreement, includes:

  • Orange County (6)
  • Osceola County (1)
  • City of Orlando (2)
  • City of Kissimmee (1)
  • City of Apopka (1)
  • LYNX (1)
  • Seminole County (2)
  • Orlando-Orange County Expressway Authority (1)
  • City of Sanford (1)
  • Greater Orlando Aviation Authority (1)
  • City of Altamonte Springs (1)
  • Sanford Airport Authority (1)

Metropolitan planning organizations, such as MetroPlan Orlando, are charged in federal law with developing three specific plans: 1) Long Range Transportation Plan, 2) Transportation Improvement Program, and 3) Unified Planning Work Program.

The Long Range Transportation Plan identifies transportation improvements necessary to maintain adequate mobility and to accommodate growth forecasted over the next 20 years. The current Long Range Transportation Plan includes projects through the year 2030. The plan is developed, in part, through a comprehensive analysis of highway, public transit, bicycle, pedestrian, and freight movement needs. Public policy considerations and public input also guide development of the plan.  MetroPlan Orlando also has a formal process for prioritizing projects adopted in the long range transportation plan. The end result is a document called the Prioritized Project List.

The Transportation Improvement Program is a five-year plan that assigns available funding to specific projects in the near future. MetroPlan Orlando develops this plan each year, which includes a period of review by the organization’s advisory committees.

The Unified Planning Work Program provides a work program for each year, including the transportation planning budget and related activities for the metropolitan area. Though the document covers a two-year period, the Unified Planning Work Program is reviewed yearly to refine previously identified tasks and better reflect changes in the economic climate.

More information is available on their website at http://www.metroplanorlando.com/.




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Orange County Government

3/29/2015 – UCF Master Plan email correspondence with Mr. Testerman

From: Sent: Sunday, March 29, 2015 1:02 PM
To: Chris Testerman
Subject: RE: UCF Campus Master Plan

Mr. Testerman,

Thank you for responding to my email and directing me to the Florida Statute that explains the relationship between local government and state universities through the Campus Development Agreement.

It is unfortunate that the last two CMP updates have not provided funding to state universities to address local infrastructure needs especially in the case of UCF.  This certainly has put a strain on the area especially considering the situation in East Orange County.  It appears the entire burden of orchestrating funding for infrastructure in East Orange County as well as the safety of the residents falls on the shoulders of Orange County.

I have a meeting with Lee Kernek who is the Associate Vice President for Administration and Finance for UCF on Monday to better understand the Academic/Research area on the Master Plan and how it will affect University Estates, McCulloch Road as well as other surrounding communities.

I am encouraged to hear you mention Research Park in your email as they are an integral piece in solving the traffic problems in East Orange County.  I understand Research Park roads are private and Research Park administration is not thrilled with additional pass through traffic on their roadways.  I am sure this does not help facilitating fluid movement of traffic in and around UCF.

You mentioned the CDA will require approval at a public hearing before  the BCC.  I presume that means it is not scheduled at this time and it is unknown when it will come before the BCC.  Do you or can you direct me to someone who would know approximately when this will come before the BCC so I can watch for the hearing?

Thank you for responding to my email.  My goal is to assist Orange County in any way possible to help improve the infrastructure in East Orange County by understanding and communicating improvement plans to interested residents of East Orange County.  I am also intent on keeping this issue at the fore font of those boards and committees that can help institute a long range plan to fix issues that have been with East Orange County for a long time.

RJ Mueller


From: Chris Testerman
Sent: Friday, March 27, 2015 4:51 PM
Subject: FW: UCF Campus Master Plan

Mr. Mueller,

The Mayor’s Office has asked me to respond to your questions (e-mail dated March 16, 2015) concerning the adopted University of Central Florida (UCF) Campus Master Plan (CMP). Specifically you had concerns about traffic from property designated as Academic/Research on the CMP Future Land Use map.

Under Florida’s statutory framework, the State University System has a separate and distinct process relating to the development of their campuses. Chapter 1013.30 F.S. lays out the process for adopting and implementing CMPs and concurrency.

Orange County and UCF have a long history of collaborating with each other to address impacts created by the University’s growth and development.  Through the formal process as stipulated in Subsection 1013.30 (3), FS; Orange County and the University have negotiated a number of infrastructure improvements over the past two decades.  For example, through the Campus Development Agreement (CDA) process, the University has helped or fully funded improvements to the intersection of Alafaya Trail/University Blvd., the extension of Woodbury Road, Rouse Road widening, intelligent signal systems along several roadways, and other related improvements.

Unfortunately, over the last two CMP updates, the Florida Legislature has not provided funding to any state universities to address impacts to infrastructure generated by their growth.  Nevertheless, both Orange County and UCF have collaborated in coordinating traffic issues of mutual concern.  More specifically, both entities are currently engaged in discussion with the Research Park (proximate to your map) to improve/widen their road facilities.  In addition, the County, the University, FDOT, Metroplan Orlando and surrounding property owners have been engaged in a study to address safety/pedestrian issues along the Alafaya/University corridors.  As part of that study we are also exploring the possibility of identifying potential parallel corridors to re-route a portion of traffic off of congested roadways and coordinated traffic management issues related to UCF game day activities and other major events.

The County is currently negotiating a new CDA and within the limitations related to funding, we are working with UCF to address transportation issues.  While, State funding may not be forthcoming, we believe we can address safety issues, rights of way donations, private development funding and other resources to start mitigating congestion and safety issues related the University’s growth. The CDA is required to be approved at a public hearing before the Board of County Commissioners.

I am hopeful this provides answers to some of your concerns. Should you have additional questions related to this issue please contact me directly or Renzo Nastasi, Manager of Transportation Planning at 407-836-8072.

Chris Testerman
Assistant County Administrator

PLEASE NOTE: Florida has a very broad public records law (F. S. 119).
All e-mails to and from County Officials are kept as a public record.
Your e-mail communications, including your e-mail address may be
disclosed to the public and media at any time.

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3/17/2015 – Last week was an event filled week

Last week was an event filled week.  The BCC, MetroPlan and Expressway Authority met.  This is important because these three government bodies control the money that improves our roadways.

The BCC held two workshops on Tuesday (3/10).  One workshop was on the Lake Pickett Properties and the other regarding the traffic issues in East Orange County as well as the county at large.  You can watch both of them here, http://otv.ocfl.net/otv/bcc2015/bcc031015/Default.html.  Select item 5 for the Lake Pickett North and South Presentation and select item 6 for the Transportation Infrastructure Needs.

On Wednesday I attended the MetroPlan meeting and spoke in public comment for 2 minutes.  If you are not familiar with MetroPlan you need to take a few minutes and acquaint yourself with this board.  There are 5 mayors on the board as well as commissioners from 3 counties.  This is the body that decides how federal money that is sent from Washington is spent on state roads.  I focused on Hwy 50 and asked for help in alleviating the congestion one mile to the east and one mile to the west of the 408/Hwy 50 intersection.  We, who live out in East Orange County, have virtually no representation on this board so you can imagine how much funding goes to our area.

On Thursday I attended the Expressway Authority meeting and spoke for 3 minutes during public comment.  I focused on Hwy 50 again one mile on either side of the 408 and asked for help from the Expressway Authority.  The Expressway Authority has the right to make improvements one mile on either side of the expressway and that is exactly what Hwy 50 needs.

I think we have the attention of the BCC and at least have made it known to MetroPlan and the Expressway Authority that we have a problem that we need attention.  I think we have a long way to go with MetroPlan and the Expressway Authority to get any funding pushed our way but I know that Commissioner Edwards is making in-roads and working on moving up improvements to Hwy 50 and also working with the Expressway Authority.

We need to keep the attention on this area and insist that there is not development out here until a plan is in place to fix the roads.

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Traffic in the future

3/9/2015 – BCC workshop regarding Lake Pickett properties on March 10th

Mayor Jacobs and Commissioners,

This email is in reference to the workshop on March 10th at the chambers to discuss the Lake Pickett properties.  I hope you have time to read this email and watch the short video from the YouTube link below.

We need to shine a spotlight on East Orange County in the hopes of driving funding to our area for road improvements.  I have prepared a very short video (2:38 minutes) that shows how the traffic problem evolved in East Orange County.  I would very much appreciate if you would view this before the workshop especially the new commissioners who might not be aware of the history of East Orange County.  It is on YouTube here, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WvB4dgVMIpc. You will need sound to hear my comments.

I am convinced that the county alone cannot solve this traffic situation and certainly not the developers.  They are only able to impact the county roads and the problem is not the county roads.  The problem is the 408 and Hwy 50 which are Expressway Authority and state roads.  So no matter how much money the developers throw at the county roads, it will never be enough.  The video explains all this.


RJ Mueller

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