7/22/2015 – $200 million – where is it going?

In this short 3 minute video clip, hear Joseph Kunkel who is the Orange County Deputy Director of Engineering explain to the Board of County Commissioners (BCC) exactly where the $200 million dollars will be spent from the INVEST in Our Home for Life program.

East Orange County gets some too!  $38 million which has yet to be determined exactly what roads it will be designated to fix.  I believe this is because talks are in progress with the developers of the Lake Pickett properties and a Road Agreement has yet to be finalized.  Keep in mind that District 5 has a $350 million deficit when it comes to infrastructure needs so the $38 million is not enough to fix all our roads.  It is a good start and if a Road Agreement is finalized, we have a good start to fixing our road problems.


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