Why is www.FixMyRoadway.com

www.FixMyRoadway.com is my personal blog site intended to give the reader information on the state of roadways in East Orange County, FL.  If you want to know the history and what is going on there is no better place that has all the information than right here in these blogs.

It is no secret that the roads in this area are well behind development and need extensive improvements not only to allow traffic to move freely but also and much more important, make them safe.

It is easy to point a finger at the county and say why is this like this but now that I know what I know, it is not that easy.  The problem is complex and I call it the perfect storm.  All the forces have come together at one time and are now reaching critical mass and will force action but will take a lot of people working together to solve this problem.  This page will point you to blogs I have written to give you information on why things are as they are.

To really understand what has happened you need some background information.  So what will be discussed here in these blogs is a county plan know as the Comprehensive Plan, the USA (Urban Service Area), the RSA (Rural Service Area), something called Entitlements, the Lake Pickett Properties formerly know as Rybolt and other information that will explain the traffic problems.