12/24/2015 – Rriding down McCulloch Road on the sidewalk

Some people asked why not use the sidewalk to commute by bike.

Knowing people would wonder about this, I put together this video showing riding down McCulloch Road on the sidewalk which is about as much fun as riding on the road.

This is on 12/23/2015 at 9:45 am. Our sidewalks are great for pedestrians but not so good for cycling. Especially cycling to commute. Commuters want to get where they are going fast and not be burdened trying to navigate pot holes, uneven pavement, mud, debris and especially dangerous crosswalks that requires slowing or stopping. Crosswalks are very dangerous to cyclists because drivers aren’t expecting a bike to cross. Driver are looking for cars and want to get out into the flow of traffic so sometimes a bike crossing and is not seen. Many drivers also expect the bike to stop and give way to the car. Also, most sidewalks are not wide enough for two bikes to pass safely.

We must make our roads safer for cyclists and change this culture to get people using bikes more and more to help control traffic congestion.

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Posted in East Orange County Traffic, McCulloch Road, Orange County Planning & Zoning.