3/19/2016 – Tips on Bike Commuting

Over the last 6 years I have been commuting to work exclusively on a bike. Over these years I have found my perfect commuting bike but it took me a few tries to get it right. This may not be your perfect obtener tarjeta de credito commuting bike but it works for me and may give you some ideas if you are thinking about bike commuting.  In fact you may prefer a mountain bike, hybrid or even an electric bike. We each have our own preference. Right now mine is a conventional road bike.

I hope this video helps tip you over the edge and entices you take the plunge to get on your bike and ride to work or school.  I researched what bike is best for what distance; how to carry clothes and lunch or even groceries; what to do when it rains and what accessories are best for commuting bikes.

If more people would use bikes to commute, there would be a lot less cars on the road reducing congestion and cost.

bike-bus-car comparison

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