8/12/2015 – CFX Public Comment Notes

Item #7:  The 408 Eastern Extension PD&E study.  View the presentation here.  This was on the 8/13/2015 agenda.

A lot of the folks in East Orange County disagree on how to solve the traffic problems in our area but there are some things we all agree on:

  • We need more east – west lanes by
    • Expanding Hwy 50
    • Extending the 408
  • Leaving the rural areas as rural as possible
  • Not disrupting the Econ Basin

Option 1 would meet with extreme resistance as it runs out Lake Pickett Road and Fort Christmas road.  People are already upset that the county is talking about widening Lake Pickett to 4 lanes.  Can you imagine the outcry if the 408 went through there?

Option 3A would meet with resistance also as it runs right along the Econ which is sort of the sacred cow.

The presentation reads, “Corridor 3B (along SR 50) meets the transportation need west of SR 520, providing the greatest relief of traffic congestion along SR 50.”

I think this is also the best choice when it comes to the least effect on the environment and the one most likely to be accepted by the residents of East Orange County.

According to the project schedule the study will be completed late next year.  I certainly hope this will be approved.  East Orange County is growing.  The Lake Pickett text amendment was just transmitted along with the Lake Pickett South property and if all goes well will be adopted late this year.  This will bring 2256 more homes just north of Hwy 50 as well as commercial along Hwy 50.  Lake Pickett North was denied but I am sure the applicants will be back in the next cycle and we will see 1500 homes on that property.

Back in the 90s I used to work downtown and take the 408.  I used to wonder who the crazy people were who built this road to nowhere as I was the only car on the road past 436.  Now look at it.  What would we do without the 408?

I believe there is a need for the 408 extension right now and cars would pack it bringing relief to Hwy 50.  We have to think long term, past the 2030 time frame.  Widening Hwy 50 will get us to 2030 but not past.  All of our county roads as well as Hwy 50 are destined for failure by 2030 and we need the 408 extension to get us long past 2030.

Thank you.

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